Monday 30th March 2015

As a bride-to-be not so long ago, I knew how important it was to have a presence at local wedding fairs – having found both my florist & dressmaker after attending fairs in the area. Our very first fair took place at The Guildhall, a beautiful historic building in the heart of Leicester City Centre. We spent the day prior cleaning our wares, tying brown string around jam jars, painting blackboards and buying flowers to display in our tin watering cans, stoneware jars & mini glass bottles. It was pretty manic but all of our hard-work paid off and after setting up just in time, we were really proud of our little stand. It was a great day and we really enjoyed showing off our range and meeting like-minded couples and suppliers. We've got a number of fairs coming up during the Spring (see our homepage for more details) and we can’t wait to meet more of you lovely lot!









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15th February 2015


Planning a wedding is a daunting experience - from the venue, to catering, to decor, there's a whole load to think about and it can often be quite overwhelming. 


For all you newly-engaged couples out there, we've complied our top tips about where to begin with planning the biggest day of your lives.


1. Start from the beginning and make a list of your likes & dislikes, your favourite things, your favourite places and anything a little quirky that is individual to you as a couple that can be incorporated into your day. Think about whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding and in what season? This will start to determine what sort of venue might work for you. Think about what colours & foods you might like to incorporate within your day - remember, having a 'colour scheme' or a formal sit down meal isn't a necessity. As long as it works for the both of you, go for it. 


2. Social Media is a great source of wedding inspiration (and also highly addictive - say goodbye to spare time!) Pinterest & Instagram have a wealth of inspiring ideas & images, from decor, to dresses, to ten-tiered cakes. The ability to create mood boards on Pinterest makes it really simple to build an idea of the type of wedding day that might work for you. Just be careful you don't get too overwhelmed - with so many pretty pictures out there, it's difficult not to get lost amongst several themes. 


3. Wedding Fairs are so important. Above and beyond free cake, they offer a chance to meet and talk to potential suppliers face to face about their products & services - demonstrating how they communicate, how they run their business and most importantly, how well you gel with them. Suppliers often offer discounts for bookings made as a result of wedding fairs which can really aid your budget. Local fairs in particular offer a chance for you to meet some really awesome independent suppliers that may not necessarily appear on your google search, but may just be exactly what you are after.


4. Don't be afraid of doing something different. More than ever, brides & grooms are expressing their individual style in their days. Weddings are less and less about structure, formality & chair covers and more about creating relaxed, laid-back events that reflect the personality and charm of a couple. Some of our very favourite weddings are a little bit 'off the wall' - it makes them memorable. 


Remember, most importantly, getting married is about the two of you, so keep it honest; create a day that really reflects you as a couple and as long as it’s full of love & happiness, that’s all that really matters.



 Image via Eric Ronald


Enjoy every second of the planning - you'll miss it when it's gone!




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19th January 2015

It’s a well-known fact that I love a jam jar. And I love a painted jam jar even more. They add a little zing of colour & creativity to any wedding and the best thing; they are so easy to do…

You will need:
- a selection of glass jam jars or bottles
- paint samples in your chosen colours (matt emulsion is sufficient)
- a paint brush
- some cling film
- a can of spray varnish

Step 1
Ensure the jam jars are clean by soaking in hot soapy water and scrubbing off any label or glue residue. 

Step 2
For each jar, pour a small dollop of paint into the bottom and use your paint brush to spread the paint out evenly, eventually covering the whole jar. If you've got the patience, slowly rolling the paint around the jar creates the same effect. Holding the jar up into a light will highlight any areas that require a little more coverage.

Step 3
Place each jar upside down on to a layer of cling film. This will enable any excess paint to drip down on to the cling film surface. Leave the jars in this position for 24 hours.

Step 4
After around 24 hours, carefully remove the jars from the cling film surface and place upright. Depending on the thickness of the paint and the size of your jars, they could take up to another week to dry fully.

Step 5
Once the jars are completely dry, they are ready to be used. If you plan to use the jars for floral displays, either place a plastic cup inside to hold the water – or get a can of spray varnish and apply a few thin coats to create a waterproof layer.

How to paint jam jars   DIY Painted Bottles   DIY painted Jars

       Image via Martha Stewart; Image Via Ruffled; Image via One Good Thing by Jillee

And voila, you have a gorgeous selection of painted jars! For my own wedding last year, I collected a range of jars in different shapes and sizes which we (I drafted in help from my mum & then husband to be) painted in different pastel shades that matched the table runners & reams of bunting we'd had made. They looked awesome (if I do say so myself) and added the perfect finishing touch to our tables.

Pig Table Names Wedding   Jam Jars Hire

      Images by Daniela K. Photography

Enjoy getting your DIY on! We'd love to see some photos of your crafty painted jars!


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30th November 2014

Some months before I got married, I knew I wanted to do something with the collection of lovely items I had gathered after spending days and hours scouring second hand shops, boot sales and the internet. In the run up to the wedding, I was juggling a demanding full time job and trying to find the time to ensure the vision I had for the wedding of my dreams turned out to be exactly that. I wanted a laid back, relaxed affair filled with lots of fun, laughter and lovely rustic decor.

Our chosen venue was a beautiful old barn which featured old brick walling, beamed ceilings, the original concrete flooring and re-purposed pig sties to house the wedding breakfast. We had viewed a number of venues in the local area, but as soon as we walked into the barn, it had the soul we were looking for. Nothing was perfect - and that was exactly what we were after. I spent the following months collecting hundreds of jam jars, old crates, vintage suitcases, enamel jugs and whole ton of other rustic decor to dress the venue and complement its natural beauty. I must say, it wasn't a chore; I love nothing more on a Sunday morning than trawling the local car boot sales for new treasures.

And as the day came, it was everything we had been hoping for and more. My new husband & I had the perfect day with our closest friends and family and the vision I had for the decor came to life.

I now want to help other brides to create the big day they have always dreamed of using some of our beautiful unique finds, whether it be bunting or an old tin bath. And without having to worry about sourcing, storing and transporting – as organising a wedding is already daunting enough!

And so, The Little Rustic Wedding Company was created for those couples who want something a little different. Here goes, wish us luck....

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Love always,

The Little Rustic Wedding Company x